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Stevens' Dogfighting Videos Excerpts

Quotations from Bob Stevens

The Humane Society of the United States

Bob Stevens is one of the first people convicted of depicting cruelty to animals for profit under the Depiction of Animal Cruelty Act of 2004. He sold several videos to promote animal fighting.

Japan Pit Fights
Pick A Winna
The $100 Keep
Catch Dogs and Country Living

"Japan Pit Fights"

  • "This is our newest release, "Japan Pit Fights." It features three Panther-bred pit dogs I acquired directly from Matt McGee and sent to Japan. In the first match you will see the famous Samurai dog. Samurai became the Japan all-national pit champion."

  • "I think that you will agree with me that our breed is hands down, unquestionably, the best undisputed fighting dog breed in the world. So sit down with me and enjoy [seeing] some good ones perform."

  • "I and my partners are cultivating a genetic pool that is a four-way cross, and it's made up of the gamest blood in the world, which is Red Boy; the highest-producing blood, percentage-wise, and that's Jeep; and the most destructive, the hardest-biting mouth in the world, is Zebo. Panther is what I use (Panther is line-bred Zebo), and I believe he is—personally, I believe that he is the best representative of Zebo blood on this planet. For ability, I use Rolling Hills Champion Taz. You can see Taz in our '$100 Keep' movie."

  • "Pick-a-Winna"

  • "To emulate the ambiance of those old dog matches, we will pause from time to time to see which one you like. See how you are at picking the winner. I think it's fun to try...Okay, let's watch some dog matches!"

    Narrating a Dogfight for Viewers:

  • "Cropped Ears went across slow—much too slow, I think, with tail down. Not a good sign, especially this early...Oh—look at Cropped Ears go in and drive hard. He goes in deep. That's a fast-mouthed dog. These dogs are pretty fast for such big dogs."

  • "Natural Ears is pretty slick. He worked his way out. Oh, we see him miss his hold. He grabs the ear and he holds on. Cropped Ears slams him back down again and drives hard. He's still deep and in there."

  • "Cropped Ears tries this and he tries that. He's trying to work his way out, he can't find it. Then he finally breaks loose and he tries to drive in. Natural Ears doesn't let him. He makes him miss his hold...and he's trying to throw him...Oh, did you see him leap up in the air like that?...He's a good wrestler."

  • "Okay, folks, which one do you like? Which dog to you choose to be the winner. Who is your champion? Do you like the slick, Muhammed Ali dog or do you like the hard-driving dog?"

  • "You see that dog with the tail down? That's not a good sign, folks. That means that he's feeling a little weaker. Both dogs are getting tired now. Actually both of these dogs could use better conditioning. That's why I think a dog should be conditioned for wrestling ability, pushing their weight."

    Explaining Dogfighting Details:

  • "The buckskin was counted out in his corner, which means he didn't want to go….The dark-tailed dog was then declared the winner. The dark-tailed dog then completed a courtesy scratch. Courtesy scratches are pretty common. Both the owner and the handler want to know that their dog is game, so that's why they will often request what is known as a 'courtesy scratch.'

    With a courtesy scratch the winning dog must cross over and take a hold, and if he does, they then break the dogs, and that dog is then...declared both 'winner' and 'game.' If the win was marginal because his ability was not decisive, but rather he won on gameness, he is generally then retired for breeding the rest of his life. And that is the general rule. An exceptional dog may be brought out again later."

  • "They have a canvas floor for this one, and I like that. I don't see why they don't always use that. This is much easier on the dogs and it gives them more of an opportunity to contest because they have more leverage and they can push. In any event, the pace is going fast and furious."

    "The $100 Keep"

  • "The very best canine conditioners in the world are the American dog men who condition dogs for the pit. The techniques in this video are derived from those dog fighters."

  • "If your dog is hot, and the other guy's dog is hot, whosever dog cools off first is going to win...And you know what happens when his dog gets hot and your dog cools off? You win...and that's an important thing, and that's why you bought this tape.

    Describing A Dog Featured in The Video:

  • "This dog we got from Pat Patricks...He's not a very heavily muscled dog. But he loves the springpole. I work him on it for an hour a day, then I have to pry him off. Usually I like a dog that’s a little more laid back...This dog here, the first time I went to show him, I mean, I could hardly handle him; he just went crazy."

  • "You want a dog that thinks about what he's doing...this dog doesn't think. If he's lacking in any territory...he just doesn't have much of a style, he's just a crazy dog." 

  • "This is what's commonly known as a parting stick or a breaking stick.. and what this is used for is to open a dog's mouth up...any time you need to get a dog off something, this is essential...Insert the stick into the back part of his mouth...put it in as far as you can and twist."

  • "If your competition time is say 5 o’clock at night, then you want to work him between 3 and 7."

  • "For extra security...the true dog man knows how to secure his dog to minimize them from getting loose."

    Giving A Disingenuous Disclaimer:

  • "Bill says 'match' and 'fight' a few times. Old habits and terms tend to stay with us." 


    "Catch Dogs and Country Living"

    Introducing The Video With A Dogfight:

  • "In the pit dog game, dog men often refer to the 'core of the breed.'...This movie is about the core of the breed. It predates fighting in the pit."

  • "I'd like to show you footage of an actual, recent dogfight. Watch! This match was filmed when I visited Japan."

  • "Cane is not a great pit dog, but he is a good pit dog...he may become a champion...Now watch this, this is a Japanese pit match, and they're beginners...You're going to see the tide of the match turn here."

    Describing Fights Between Dogs And Hogs

  • "I want you to notice how different it is to catch stock. A dog that lacks the gameness to catch a hog, even when cut up seriously—far more seriously than most pit fights, by the way—is of course useless as a catch dog."

  • "I’m going to show you my catch dog Victory on a farm hog. But first, let me introduce my Victory...He is hands down the best catch dog I’ve ever seen...He can, given time, sooner or later take down almost any hog."

  • "This is Velvet, his mother....She's deep game-proven. I want to make it clear I don't breed for catch work; I breed pit dogs."

  • "This pit bull, Katie, caught this hog like it was another dog because of a recent 'kennel accident' where she killed another dog. She’s out of Bob Steven's Velvet and McGee's Panther. Today we're gonna see Katie catch a hog. Katie's a good catch dog and kinda unique in that she started catching at 3 months of age, which is very unusual, and I don't attribute any of that to myself, but to the breeding."

  • "You can tell that she is doing considering considerable damage to that hog. In about three minutes there is no bottom jaw on that hog. Katie took that, and a good part of his throat and his nose out."
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