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Video: Sick or Injured Pigs Are Routinely Slaughtered

Inhumane standard procedures could pose health risk

The Humane Society of the United States

pigs crowded in a holding pen


This week, CNN and CNN Headline Newsare airing exclusive stories on an HSUS investigation that captured standard yet cruel mistreatment of pigs at an Iowa slaughter plant.

The footage from our investigation (watch it here) documented pigs who were too sick or injured to stand being slaughtered for human consumption.

CNN featured HSUS experts Paul Shapiro and Dr. Michael Greger about the pressing animal welfare and food safety problems this practice poses.

Unfortunately, the abuse that our investigation uncovered is standard industry practice. It's perfectly legal to slaughter downed pigs—animals who are too sick or injured to even stand—for human consumption. Yet it's inhumane, and it's bad for public health.

The story also includes footage from HSUS' recent investigation of a dairy calf slaughter plant that exposed shocking mistreatment of days-old calves, many of whom were too weak to even stand.

Please watch the CNN video and recommend it to your friends. 

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