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Farewell, Fay

Dogfighting survivor touched many hearts

The Humane Society of the United States

dog named Fay

Humane Society of Missouri

Today is a sad day for everyone who has been touched by Fay, one of the dogs saved from the horrors of dogfighting during this summer’s massive multi-state rescue operation.

Fay had been seriously injured and required extensive medical treatment. We are saddened to learn that she passed away yesterday after her surgery, which The HSUS had funded.

Fay began her life in a cycle of pain and cruelty. She spent her last few months in comfort and surrounded by love under the care of her foster mother Gale Frey and the people of the rescue group Mutts-n-Stuff in Missouri. Gale made Fay’s first real Christmas a celebration of her survival, showering her with gifts and affection.

We are heartened to know that Fay died not at the cruel hands of dogfighters who staged fights for entertainment and gambling profits, but after experiencing the best that people can offer to our fellow creatures—a loving touch, a soft voice, and every effort to extend her life.

Fay was highlighted in our recent "Animal Survivors" campaign, along with other animals who survived cruelties in 2009. Although she has passed away, her life will continue to inspire us in our campaigns to end dogfighting and fight other large-scale abuses inflicted on animals.

We express our deepest condolences to Gale Frey and to everyone who worked so hard to save Fay, and we redouble our efforts to save animals like Fay in 2010 from anyone who would do them harm.

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