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A Season of Gathering and Feasting

Sharing cooking skills this time of the year is a great way to celebrate the season

hummingbird cake

Michelle Riley/The HSUS

For many people, the holiday season is about gathering and feasting. At The Humane Society of the United States, the holidays also present an opportunity for some of our staffers to show off their cooking skills—this year, in a competition for the best holiday dessert.

Today, we share with our readers the winning recipes and some popular favorites.

We also pass on a thoughtful Q & A with Kathy Freston, the best-selling author of Quantum Wellness. Kathy speaks of her belief in “leaning in” to dietary change for the sake of both wellness and kindness. The Humane Society of the United States strongly supports the idea that food is a celebration and an opportunity.

All across the U.S., food writers, critics, chefs and legions of just plain eaters realize that they are part of an important swing in social awareness about the implications of our food choices on the welfare of animals, on the global environment and on human health.

As you read our interview with Kathy, you'll discover that she's assembling her holiday menu from the collection in The Conscious Cook. That’s the wonderful new book by Tal Ronnen. So, in the spirit of giving—from Tal to Kathy to you—we share The Conscious Cook’s recipe for delicious holiday scallopini.

Here’s a toast: to you and to the animals who share our world.

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