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Outdoor Outfitter Speaks Out for Sharks

John Land Le Coq and Fishpond, Inc., pledge to help end kill shark tournaments

The Humane Society of the United States

  • John Land Le Coq is co-founder of Fishpond, Inc. Joel Grimes Photography

  • Fishpond, Inc. is partnering with The HSUS. Fishpond

John Land Le Coq, professional photographer and co-founder of Fishpond, Inc., has joined The Humane Society of the United States in speaking out against kill shark tournaments.

Not only does Fishpond—a major fishing equipment and outdoor manufacturing company—have a passion for the environment; it is committed to practicing responsible stewardship. 

According to Le Coq, kill shark tournaments fueled by money and prizes "are a disgrace to the art of fishing and perpetuate the stereotype of aggression that has shadowed the shark for too long." 

If you own a company, you can help The HSUS and Fishpond, Inc. protect sharks by opposing kill tournaments, too. 

Click here to act now and have your business sign the pledge

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