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Notes from Haiti: Our Work Continues

goat health check


Today, the team met with Christian Veterinary Mission (CVM) to exchange ideas.  CVM has a long history of working in Haiti, knows the culture well, and shared useful information with us, including the fact that before the disaster, the Haitian government had been working to vaccinate the country's approximately 500,000 dogs and cats through free community clinics. The government would like to continue this project in the countryside and unaffected areas of the country as soon as possible; this is something we are hoping to help with.

Finally, a large part of the city population is now making its way to the countryside, with horses and donkeys being used as transport. We are concerned these animals are possibly being overworked; our team will explore this issue further.

Tomorrow, HSI and CVM have a joint meeting scheduled with the Ministry of Agriculture, the ministry with responsibility for all animals in Haiti. There, we will discuss what the ministry believes we can do to assist further now and in the long term.

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