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Tennessee Horse Rescue: Update

Dozens of horses rescued from the brink of death are recovering and ready to go to new homes

  • 84 horses found starving in Tennesee are being nursed back to health by rescue teams and volunteers. Karla Goodson/The HSUS

Days before Thanksgiving, The HSUS assisted in the rescue of 84 neglected horses from a Cannon County, Tennessee property.

Although many of the starving animals were in extremely poor condition, rescue teams from The HSUS and United Animal Nations along with a small army of local volunteers were able to nurse them back to health over a four-week period. Many of the horses still have months of recuperation ahead of them, but thanks to the intensive care they have received, most will recover fully from the abuses of their previous life.

They are now being cared for by local equine rescue groups, and many have already gone to new homes.

If you are interested in adopting one of these horses, please reach out directly to the rescue groups below.

Volunteer Equine Advocates (Tennessee)

Horse Haven of Tennessee

Almost Home (Tennessee)

Have a Heart Rescue (Mississippi)

Humane Society of Missouri Longmeadow Rescue Ranch

Watch video of rescue teams and volunteers helping in the recovery effort in our News & Video section.

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