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International Veterinary Students Excel in Surgical Training

First small animal surgical course a success in the Dominican Republic

Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association

  • Jorge Rodriguez and Damarys Aviles proudly display their graduate certificates. HSVMA

  • Jorge Rodriguez, Dr. Saira Acosta, Windi Wojdak, Dr. Susan Monger, another participating student, and Damarys Aviles were a part of the first, small animal surgical teaching course in the Dominican Republic. HSVMA

by Dr. Susan Monger, DVM

In January 2010, HSVMA-RAVS International conducted the first, small animal surgical teaching course at Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Urena (UNPHU) in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Almost a year in the planning, the course was a remarkable and unqualified success with 26 veterinary students participating.

Dr. Saira Acosta, who oversees the veterinary clinic affiliated with the university, and two students, Jorge Rodriguez and Damarys Aviles, dedicated themselves to addressing our every need throughout the course. Not only did they far exceed our expectations, they excelled as participants.

The future generation of veterinary medicine

With many veterinary colleges in Latin America and the Caribbean lacking most of the educational resources that are so commonplace in the U.S. veterinary colleges, this intensive course in medicine and surgery provides a base of clinical experience that will augment the education of these students and lay the groundwork for good, basic veterinary skills.

Jorge and Damarys were due to graduate three days after the end of our course. The patience and skill of the HSVMA-RAVS International team was not only a gift to them, but they—as well as the rest of the participants—truly became the gifts to us and all the animals who will receive care under their guidance as veterinarians.

The picture of Jorge and Damarys at graduation is a window into the present and future generation of people dedicating their lives to veterinary education all over the world. Dr. Acosta will be sad to lose them as students but she, and we, are proud of the work they have accomplished.

Dr. Susan Monger is the Director of HSVMA-RAVS, International Program.

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