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Somebody to Love

The Humane Society of the United States

  • Furgus and Skeeter, submitted by Cynthia Lyons of Richburg, NY.

  • Bogart and Hannah, submitted by J.B. Bentz of Rockville, Md.

  • Kayla and Jenna, submitted by Michelle Oresto of Greenwood Lake, NY.

  • Jenna and Sebastian, submitted by Carolyn Grant of Riverside, RI.

  • Inigo Montoya and Princess Leia, submitted by Celina Stanley of Columbus, Ohio.

  • Smokey and Gracie, submitted by Amy Schilling of Virginia Beach, Va.

  • Oreo and Willie, submitted by Shauna Rattay of Hagerstown, Md.

  • Jake and Lynk, submitted by Brooke Sheskier of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

  • Casey and Emma, submitted by A. Roesne of Burlington, Vt.

Few things can bring a smile to your face faster than a pair of snuggling pets.

Pet of the Week enewsletter readers and visitors to humanesociety.org submitted many heartwarming photos of their cuddly pets, and here are a few of our favorites (scroll through the photos at left).

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Are snuggling pets a rare sight in your household? Our behavior tip sheets can help!

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How to introduce a dog to other pets »

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Bringing your new cat home »