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Animal Outtakes

What's up at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

The Humane Society of the United States / The Fund for Animals

  • On Valentine's Day, we celebrated Samson's 9th birthday with lion treats and toys. Samson was rescued from the exotic pet trade as a cub and has lived at center for all but the first three months of his life. Christine Jensen/The HSUS

  • Although the deluge of recent rains out here soaked human spirits, at least one animal—Hannah, a pygmy hippopotamus—was delighted: The rains created a series of new swimming holes for her. Before coming to the wildlife center, Hannah was kept as a backyard "pet" in dismal conditions. Jensen/The HSUS

  • Tonka, pictured here before demolishing his stuffed toy. Yet another victim of the exotic pet trade, the mountain lion, was purchased from a breeder as a pet. Through a series of events, he was turned over to the California Department of Fish and Game, which then called us. Tonka was only 28 days old. Jensen/The HSUS

  • Brut is testament to the amazing colony of feral cats we helped rescue last year from San Nicolas Island off the California coast. The cats have the run of their 4,000 square foot specially designed habitat, where they continue to thrive. Jensen/The HSUS

  • This western screech owl collided with a car and was taken to the Ramona wildlife center. Lucky for him, he was a patient no more than a few days before he was able to take off. Christine Jensen/The HSUS

  • This young coyote—nearly comatose when she was found by the side of the road—was rushed to the center. She had severe head trauma and we treated her to relieve brain swelling. She was up and about within a week and hightailed her way back into the wild upon release. Jensen/The HSUS

  • This golden eagle came in very sick, suffering from the worst case of parasites staffers had ever seen. Her recuperation took several months, but finally the happy day arrived, and she was released back into the wild. Watch the video of her release. Jensen/The HSUS

For the permanent residents of The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in Ramona, Calif.—mostly rescued from the exotic pet trade—the past couple of months have seen birthday celebrations, swimming parties, playtime and hang time.

The center has seen its share of injured or sick wildlife, too, and we're happy to report on a few of the animals who've been patched up and released back into their habitats.

Take a look at their pictures, left and learn about the animals we rescue, treat, rehabilitate, and care for every day.

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