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Ad Targets Hopkins' Use of Class B Dogs and Cats

The Humane Society of the United States

  • class b pet

    Most of the dogs and cats Class B dealers round up are current or former pets. HSUS

An advertisement featured in three consecutive issues of The Johns Hopkins University's weekly student newspaper targets the school's continued relationship with Class B dealers.

The Humane Society of the United States has urged the university to stop purchasing pet dogs and cats from Class B dealers, middlemen who round up animals from a variety of sources and sell them to research labs. The university has not yet taken action.

The Class B dealer system is tainted by 40 years of scandal. Dealers have been documented acquiring animals from questionable sources and mistreating them at their holding facilities. The prestigious National Academy of Sciences recently concluded that the system is "problematic and unnecessary."

Hopkins takes pride in its leading role among universities in securing funding for cutting edge biomedical research, yet it is troubling that the school continues to conduct 21st century science using practices condemned in the 20th century.

Urge Hopkins and other institutions that continue to patronize Class B dealers to sever their ties. Take action now »

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