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Pie-Eyed for zpizza

New vegan pizza is the tops

The Humane Society of the United States

  • zpizza features mouth-watering meat- and dairy-free pizzas.

Extra-large pizza, piled high with cheese and sausage.

Until recently, this meal was a little, well, pie in the sky for folks concerned about cholesterol and animal cruelty.

But thanks to pizza companies like zpizza, healthier and more humane options are rapidly becoming more accessible. And they taste great!

zpizza leading the way

The HSUS teamed up with the California-based pizza chain, with 96 locations across the United States, Mexico and the Middle East, on expanding zpizza's meat-free menu options.

Now, zpizza offers an abundance of meatless toppings, including vegetables, veggie Gardein Italian ground crumbles, and even acclaimed Daiya non-dairy cheese at all its locations.

Whether customers are interested in animal welfare, the environment, or their health—or just want to try something new—there's ample reason for restaurants like zpizza to get on board the with movement toward meat-free eating.

"zpizza is delighted to support humane eating by offering meat- and dairy-free options at all our locations," stated Sid Fanarof, zpizza's founder. "Our customers around the world increasingly ask for these vegetarian options, and we're proud to provide delicious menu items for people who care about their health, the environment, and animal welfare."

Expanding options

A dizzying array of meat and dairy alternatives are on the market, and as consumers increasingly demand these foods, restaurants like zpizza are taking note.

Josh Balk, corporate outreach director for The HSUS, explained, "Choosing meat- and dairy-free options has never been easier, with more customers than ever before concerned about animal welfare."

We applaud zpizza's efforts to support humane eating. Download a special veg coupon at zpizza's Facebook page here.

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