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Ship Shape Swans

One sick and one injured swan released back into wild

The Humane Society of the United States / The Fund for Animals


    The mute swan pair, healthy once again, headed out toward the harbor. Photos by The HSUS

  • Mute swans are a familiar animal patient at the Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable, Mass.

  • The birds swam out into the harbor and then flew off. /HSUS

Earlier this month, four Cape Wildlife Center volunteers released two swans—a female we treated for a broken hip due to a car hitting her, and a male who we treated for six months for lead poisoning.

The animals were successfully released into Barnstable harbor in the early afternoon. After inclement weather that morning, a dozen people looked on as the birds were released into a grey mist that cleared for a lovely, calm evening.

The male swan took off, flew repeated circles over the bay to try to apparently pick up the female, who had swum off and was showing interest in another male at the marsh.

The once-poisoned bird flew a good 300 feet over us and then out into the harbor. It was an exciting release for both birds—especially the male who was so severely and chronically ill when he came in.

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