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TV Station to CCF: Stop Misrepresenting

WSB-TV asks CCF to stop using a since-pulled story about The HSUS on its websites



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This week, CCF's founder, Richard Berman, received a letter that must have ruined his day.


William Hoffman, the general manager at WSB-TV in Atlanta, wrote to Berman, and it was nothing but a stern rebuke. A year ago, Amanda Rosseter, a careless reporter at WSB (who is no longer at the station), got hoodwinked by relying on CCF as the primary source in a story about The HSUS.

It was a hatchet job, and we brought the deficiencies and glaring errors in the news piece to the station’s attention. Management did not rebroadcast it, published a correction, and permanently removed the story from its website.

Even after WSB disassociated itself from the broadcast and tried to kill it off, Berman and his people did their best to keep it alive, under the pretense that it was somehow legitimate reporting.

For the past year, CCF milked the WSB story for all it could get, citing the station as a source of the misinformation about us when it was CCF that pitched and planted the falsehoods in the first place. Talk about trickery and circular, self-referential work by CCF.

In the end, the best CCF could do to extend the life of the discredited story was to find an Iranian Web platform that hosted an unauthorized and illegal bootlegged version.

WSB-TV told Berman that he was violating copyright laws by rebroadcasting the piece it had taken down from its own website. And the station scolded Berman and told him to stop misrepresenting The HSUS’s record.


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