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Nearly Blind Chihuahua and Almost 200 Other Animals Now Safe

At this rescue in Tehachapi, Calif., The Humane Society of the United States and Kern County Animal Control rescued approximately 150 dogs ranging from Chihuahuas to border collies, 18 cats, 10 chickens, and several rabbits.  The dogs will be available for adoption at the Sacramento SPCA.

One small long-haired Chihuahua named George especially tugged at the rescuers' heartstrings. A veterinarian discovered that his eyes were so badly infected that he was nearly blind. In spite of what must have been confusing changes that he couldn't see, George gave friendly kisses and trusting tail wags to everyone who handled him.

This rescue was a success for George and the other animals, but we rescued more animals in distress this week in Montana, and there will be more after that.

Can you help The HSUS to keep answering the calls when animals desperately need help? Click here to make a special donation to our Animal Cruelty Response and Reward Fund today.

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