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Start School Right for The Animals and Your Health

Tofurky sandwich wraps

Turtle Island Foods

With dining halls open again, now is a perfect time to work with your director of dining to switch your school's eggs from cage to cage-free, or to add more meat-free options to its menu.

The first bit of knowledge for you is that factory farms cram egg-laying hens into cages so tiny they can't even spread their wings. The misery of those cramped battery cages would make your classroom seem like luxury accommodations.

Get in touch with us and make your school next on the Cage-Free Campus list!

Second, eating vegetarian meals can do good things for your health and the environment—not to mention the animals. More schools are offering meat-free choices these days, so why not yours? Chances are, your dining director will be happy to talk with you about expanding the menu.

The lesson to be learned is that every meal makes a difference.


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