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Meet the Winners of the Tales of the Natural Tail Photo Contest

Retriever’s tail takes top honors in contest celebrating dogs' natural tails

Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association

  • Makana, First-Place Winner. Lisa Wakida.

  • Knish Longacre, Second-Place Winner. Elizabeth Longacre.

  • Knish Longacre, Second-Place Winner. Elizabeth Longacre.

  • Rolo Boyd, Third-Place Winner. Franklin Boyd.

We are pleased to announce the winners of HSVMA's Tales of the Natural Tail Photo Contest.

Our panel of judges, which included artist Ron Burns, author and radio show host Tracie Hotchner, and Dr. Gary Block, a veterinarian who serves on the HSVMA Leadership Council, chose the winners from 15 finalists.

Scroll through the image slider to see the winning dogs and read the owner-submitted comments below. For more information and to see a slideshow of the finalists, please visit www.hsvma.org.

First-Place Winner


Owner: Lisa Wakida
Kirkland, WA

"Makana was initially a very shy rescue dog. She is still a reserved dog, so I love it when she exposes her inner puppy and lets her beautiful fan-tail fly free. Seeing her truly happy is very rewarding."

Second-Place Winner


Owner: Elizabeth Longacre
Brooklyn, NY

"Knish has a deep soul. People must earn his trust before he'll give affection. He defines loyalty and prefers to jog beside me than play fetch or chase dogs. Here he watches his father waterski. His tail arches straight over his back creating a regal appearance that mirrors his personality."

Third-Place Winner


Owner: Franklin Boyd
New York, NY

"Rolo's tail is an expressive and charismatic ambassador for all dogs who usually "don't come with tails." As an undocked and fluffy Pembroke Corgi, he upends expectations of what Corgis look like by giving every admirer a hearty wag of his beautifully plumed tail!"

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