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Making Plans For Feral Cats

One reader's approach

  • David Fyfe built this shelter for his two feral cats. See the plans here. David Fyfe/The HSUS

  • A look inside David Fyfe's feral cat shelter. David Fyfe/The HSUS

  • A feral cat chows down at Fyfe's home in Texas. David Fyfe/The HSUS

  • Fyfe has three indoor cats in addition to the feral cats he cares for. All of his cats are rescues. David Fyfe/The HSUS

Since our article on how to build your own simple or fancy feral cat shelter was published in All Animals magazine, David Fyfe of Kingwood, Texas, wrote to us and sent us his own plans for the feral cat shelters he built at his home.

Mr. Fyfe wrote in a letter that all of his three indoor cats are rescues.

"I read your article on helping feral cats in the July/August issue of All Animals. I, too, felt really bad for those feral cats. They had nothing to help them survive the winter.

"Even though I live in Texas, it does get really cold. We were going to get a deep freeze for about a week. I then decided to build my two feral cats a shelter. I completed the two shelters in two days just before the freeze. They both loved the houses all winter.

"I added a special outdoor heating pad especially for animals to each one. They were connected to an outdoor receptacle for protection. It made me feel very good knowing they were warm every night.

"I love animals, especially cats, and will try the TNR program to reduce the number of unwanted litters and feral cats."

Mr. Fyfe also added that he elevated the shelters off the ground with 4" by 4" by 8" logs cut in half, and he stained each house with a water sealant stain.

See his plans, a material list, and an estimated cost for the shelter here »

Did you try to build your own feral cat shelter? Have some interesting plans of your own? Write to us and tell us your story »

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