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Welcome to Duchess Sanctuary!

Over 100 guests turned out to meet the nearly 200 horses in residence at the sanctuary

  • The horses at the Duchess Sanctuary were as eager to visit as the people were. Jennifer Kunz/The HSUS

  • Nice to meet you! Greetings are exhanged during the Duchess Sanctuary Open House. Jennifer Kunz/The HSUS

The Duchess Sanctuary, located south of Eugene, Oregon, hosted its first open house on Saturday, October 2nd. Over 100 guests turned out for a behind-the-scenes tour of the ranch, which is home to nearly 200 previously abused and neglected horses.

“We were so excited to share this beautiful place, and tell the stories of our amazing horses to our neighbors and friends,” said Heidi Hopkins, director of the Duchess Sanctuary. Those attending were able to visit with nearly every horse at Duchess, and the horses were just as excited to visit with the humans.

Guests learned how the pharmaceutical industry used the horses for urine production, keeping them in dark, tiny stalls for six months a year, where they were unable to lay down or turn around. They also heard about the work The HSUS is doing to help the 35,000 wild horses on public lands today.

“To be able to offer sanctuary to these horses who suffered so much before arriving here is a great honor,” Hopkins said.

Visitors were encouraged to return and volunteer at the sanctuary. “There is a lot to do around here to care for almost 200 horses; we welcome volunteers who would like to assist!” said Jennifer Kunz, who manages the 1,120-acre ranch.

If you are interested in volunteering at Duchess Sanctuary, please e-mail JKunz@hsus.org.

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