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Celebrities to the Rescue

Photographer Robbie Bellon snaps celebrity dogs for Rescue Paws photo exhibit and calendar

Rescue Paws Calendar Cover


Robbie Bellon usually plies his trade—photography—in the marketing arena, shaping the images of a variety of top brands through his photos. Recently, this life-long animal lover used his talents to help reshape the image of shelter and rescue dogs to encourage pet adoption.

With the help of Think Public Relations, Bellon gained access to the adopted and rescued dogs of more than 25 actors, models, musicians, and other notables. The result is Rescue Paws, staged as a photo exhibit in New York and Los Angeles, and now turned into a calendar sold through Zazzle.com to benefit The HSUS' Stop Puppy Mills campaign.

The purebreds and mixes Bellon photographed, some saved from a life on the streets or pulled from dumpsters, others found waiting in shelters, have one thing in common: all became the beloved companions they were meant to be, because someone gave them a second chance for a happy life.

"I want to show that there are so many great dogs out there at shelters, rescue groups, breed rescues," Bellon said. "Even if you want a purebred, there's just no reason to support puppy mills by buying a dog at a pet store or over the Internet."

Twelve of Bellon's photos were selected for the 2011 Rescue Paws calendar, on sale now. See more Rescue Paws photos on Bellon's website.

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