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Pet of the Week: Most-Read Tips of 2010

The Humane Society of the United States

Jenna and Sebastian snuggling cat and dog

Carolyn Grant/The HSUS

Over the past year, Pet of the Week enewsletter readers have submitted hundreds of photos of their dogs, cats, rabbits, and even horses. We've shared tons of pet news and tips to help keep you and your furry friends happy and healthy.  In 2011, we'll bring you even more great pet tips, news, and many new furry faces. Here's a look back at the 10 most-read pet tips from the past year. 

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1. Foods potentially poisonous to pets: Originally featured on July 10.

When it comes to giving our pets food normally meant for people, it's better to be safe than sorry. Some foods that are considered good for people can be very dangerous for pets. This list highlights some of the most common foods that can be dangerous to animals, and was the most popular pet behavior tip of 2010. The following foods may be dangerous to your pet » 

2. Urine-Marking Behavior: How to Prevent It: Jan. 10.

Here's how to prevent urine-marking behaviors before they happen in your house »

3. Finding Calm in the Storm: May 30.

This popular article came from our All Animals May/June magazine. When summer squalls send pets into a tailspin, treatment can help them regain control »

4. Cat Chat: Understanding Feline Language: July 4.

You and your cat might speak different languages, but you can still communicate with each other » 

5. Aggression Between Cats: July 19.

Your cat's best friend may not be another cat. Cats are very territorial creatures and often vehemently defend their turf » 

6. Preventing Litter Box Problems: June 13.

Keeping your cat's litter box up to his standards is very important. The following suggestions should keep your cat from "thinking outside the box" »

7. Getting a Tick Off of Your Dog: May 2.

If your dog spends time outside in areas where ticks like to hang out, a tick check should be part of your daily routine »

8. Making Plans For Feral Cats: Sept. 26.

Since our article on how to build your own simple or fancy feral cat shelter was published in All Animals magazine, David Fyfe of Kingwood, Texas, wrote to us and sent us his own plans for the feral cat shelters he built at his home »

9. Teaching Dogs the "Come" Command: Feb. 7.

Coming when called is not only a behavior issue, it's also a safety issue »

10. A Good Leash on Life: March 28.

Like collars, leashes are available in many colors and designs from charming to chic »

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