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Rescued Animals Now Warm, Fed, and Loved

  • After a lifetime chained outdoors, Huck was startled at first by the brightly-lighted indoor tree. Now he relishes the holiday excitement. New Hope Pit Bull Rescue

  • Princess, a French Bulldog, was rescued from a puppy mill and is permanently paralyzed. But her life with Micah Staub and his family is full and lively. Candice Staub

  • These youngsters playing under a Christmas tree were among 2,000 rats rescued from a hoarder. North Star Animal Rescue is now fostering them. Ari Litton

  • Plum snuggles with her toys, having forgotten the Indiana dogfighting operation into which she was born. Anne Sterling/The HSUS

  • Gremlin, a deaf dog rescued from an Ohio dogfighter, enjoys the extra attention her holiday get-up attracts. Jennifer Kulina

  • Midnight was rescued twice—first by Markus, who trained him as a perfect pet—and then by Lauren after Markus was forced to give him up. Coalition to Unchain Dogs

  • When Sugar was rescued, she was such a tangled mess of fur and filth that her breed was unidentifiable. Now the schnauzer snuggles up to her new mom. Summer Sears

  • Dobby's laid-back attitude belies his background in a dogfighting operation. Chris Schindler/HSUS

  • Squirrel and Josephine were born right after their ailing mom was rescued from a puppy mill. May Santa bring them everything they wish for. Lost Dog Rescue

by Ariana Huemer

Huck, Princess, Plum, Gremlin, Midnight, Sugar, Dobby, Squirrel, and Josephine are all survivors, rescued in 2010 from some of the most abusive conditions imaginable.

Different though they are, all these animals share one thing: they're more than happy to be home for the holidays.

The photos at left show just a few of the lucky survivors of neglect and abuse The HSUS helped rescue in 2010.

While a few of these animals are still in foster care looking for their forever homes, and their abusers are mostly awaiting trial, their suffering has been soothed away by loving care and holiday cheer.

Ariana Huemer is cruelty case manager for The Humane Society of the United States.

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