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Taking a Bite out of Puppy Mills

Animal Planet Investigates: Petland

The Humane Society of the United States


Continuing the powerful new series of investigative specials, which began with a look at dogfighting and the role of The Humane Society of the United States in combating it, Animal Planet aired Animal Planet Investigates: Petland on Monday, May 17. 

About the show

Revealing the grim connection between puppy mills and pet stores, the one-hour program follows "Mike," an HSUS animal cruelty investigator, as he assumes a new identity, goes undercover with a hidden camera, and talks his way into dozens of alleged puppy mills in the Midwest suspected by The HSUS to be suppliers to Petland, a major chain of pet stores.

While exposing the heartbreaking deception behind puppy mill dogs, this second program in the Animal Planet Investigates series offers another unique opportunity to go behind the scenes with The HSUS to highlight the massive efforts involved in cracking down on an industry which perpetuates a cycle of animal cruelty. 

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How you can help

Join us in the fight by signing our pledge to help stop puppy mills, and show your support for the work of The HSUS by watching us in action on "Animal Planet Investigates: Petland." You can also check out the latest efforts of the Missourians for the Protection of Dogs coalition at www.missourifordogs.com.

Stopping the cycle of cruelty

With an estimated 10,000 puppy mill facilities in the U.S., where hundreds of thousands of dogs are bred and housed in unsanitary conditions with little or no medical care, exercise, socialization, or human interaction, The HSUS is working tirelessly to stop a business that contributes to pet overpopulation and the suffering of countless dogs. 

Over the past two years, The HSUS has rescued more than 5,000 puppy mill dogs, and 13 states have passed laws to regulate these deplorable operations, but there is still much to be done. 

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