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Bruegger's Expands Animal Welfare Commitment

  • Bruegger's expanded commitment to cage-free eggs is a big step forward for farm animal welfare. The HSUS

Bruegger's Bagels is expanding its commitment to improving animal welfare with an announcement that it will use only cage-free eggs in all of its Nebraska locations, effective January 17, 2011.

Since 2007, the restaurant chain, known for its breakfast and lunch options, has been working with The HSUS to switch its eggs to cage-free, adding new markets each year.

Today Bruegger’s, with 301 locations in the U.S. and Canada, uses only cage-free eggs in Wisconsin, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Vermont, Western Massachusetts, and in the Virginia/Washington, D.C. area.

"Important step"

The Nebraska announcement is the latest in an ongoing initiative to expand the use of cage-free eggs at Bruegger's. The chain estimates that it now serves more than a half a million cage-free eggs per year.

"Adding these Nebraska locations to our list of cage-free locations is an important step in our transition to becoming the nation’s largest cage-free bakery," said Scott Colwell, Chief Marketing Officer for Bruegger’s.

Proactive commitment

Bruegger’s switch is part of a national movement away from cages to confine egg-laying hens. Across the country, about 280 million hens are confined in restrictive cages where they can barely move an inch for their entire lives. Retailers such as Bruegger’s are joining the call to end their use of eggs from caged hens and switch to cage-free eggs—an important step in reducing animal suffering.

"Bruegger’s has long been a leader in the movement away from eggs from caged hens," said Josh Balk, outreach director for The HSUS' factory farming campaign. "Its latest expansion demonstrates the company’s enthusiasm for meeting its customers’ concerns for animal welfare, as well as the feasibility of adopting a proactive commitment to achieve these improvements."

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