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Class Donates Poetry Book Proceeds to The HSUS

  • The poets proudly display their books. Blair Atherton

  • By selling the poetry books to their families, the students raised $250 to donate to The HSUS. Blair Atherton

When Blair Atherton, a teacher at North Yarmouth Memorial School in Maine, told her fifth-graders about the American Pet Products Association's annual pet poetry contest, the students immediately got to work.

With their companion animals for inspiration, the words flowed quickly. After several rounds of careful editing and revision based on feedback from their teacher and each other, the students compiled their finished poems into a book. 

“We had lots of fun writing our poetry and we even read some of our poems to our parents,” they wrote in a letter to The HSUS. “We sold the book to our parents for how much money they wanted to donate for each book. We raised a total of $250! All of that money will be donated to The Humane Society along with the final copy of the book. We hope you enjoy!”

We found the poems delightful, so we wanted to share a few below. Read the rest of the class's poems here, then check out all the contest entries—including the winning poems—at petsaddlife.org

by Trevor Rafford

Have you ever seen a dog sleep?
Mine reclines and recedes into oblivion, first class.
Harmoniously breathes nestled somewhere deep within warm firelight.
Her feet twitch as dreaming, she runs
chasing rabbits galore.
Her lion fur looks ragged and rough.

In the morning
she’ll “grrr,” barking at unseen foes.
She’ll nip and jump,
knocking you into the snow.
I laugh, snow tickling my face.
So different when she sleeps.
Are all dogs that way? 

by Ella Marli Novick

Before she was put on a shelf
as ashes in a box
her tiger teeth smiled
the stub of her tail wagged.
I hugged her like a teddy bear
as warm as fuzzy pajamas.

She was a magician
who made you laugh
even if you refused to smile
At times she was a princess
wanting everything
Then a dare devil
jumping over me without even a running start.

She was like a flower,
that never bloomed while growing in my heart
and there she’ll stay
bottled up

by Ashley Hayward

Bounces up on the bed
claws dig into my soft comforter
His stream of black and brown fur
his dark green grassy eyes
his breath like a heartbeat
cool and calm.
No moving, no talking
just that sweet purring sound
of his heart and mine.

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