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Chicago's Pet Pit Bull Day

Pit bulls strut their stuff

  • The big day: Pit bulls by the dozens showed up with wide eyes and eager grins. Sally Ryan

  • Terontay Atkinson and his buddy are a few of the PBTT regulars who came out for the clinic. Sally Ryan

  • Big dogs from down the street showed up in their Sunday best. Sally Ryan

  • Little pups peeked out from warm coats. Sally Ryan

  • Xavier rescued Diamond after some neighbors beat her and threw her out of a moving car. He made sure to bring her into the clinic for her shots. Sally Ryan

  • Some dogs were a little anxious. Sally Ryan

  • Others were more relaxed. Sally Ryan

  • Some dogs were curious! Sally Ryan

  • Star PBTT student Ben Sykes gave training tips to attendees. Sally Ryan

  • PBTT canine mentor Junebug showed off her crowd-pleasing tricks. Sally Ryan

  • Other dogs kicked back to watch the action. The HSUS

  • PBTT volunteer and professional trainer Angela Love-Bradford knows how to make a baby out of a beast. Sally Ryan

  • When their turn came, all the dogs braved their vaccinations with characteristic stoicism. Sally Ryan

  • Care instructions in hand, owners took home happy, healthy dogs. Sally Ryan

  • All received a hug and a kiss goodbye. Sally Ryan

Chicago's "Pet Pit Bull Day" in April gave free life-saving vaccinations to 79 pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs in the Humboldt Park neighborhood.

In between the free music, raffle prizes, dog supplies, and snacks (vegan tacos donated by Upton’s Naturals were a hit), people had a chance to sign up for free spay/neuter surgeries and classes with our renowned Pit Bull Training Team.

On hand were several PBTT members, demonstrating their impressive agility and obedience by tacking obstacle courses and leaping through hoops.  

Other community members who showed up in support of the event were Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno and members of Chicago Animal Care and Control, Found Chicago, PAWS Chicago, Mercy for Animals, and One Car One Difference.

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