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Armloads of Rescued Puppies

HSUS brought dogs from Mississippi flood zone north for adoption

  • The worst flooding in decades turned lives upside down in Mississippi for humans and animals alike. Chad Sisneros/HSUS

  • The Animal Rescue Team pitched in with shelter care in Natchez, Miss., when residents fled the rising water. Pierre Grzybowski/HSUS

  • Many people who had to leave their homes took pets to the emergency animal shelter to keep them safe. Chad Sisneros/HSUS

  • Rescuers also brought in animals who were running loose in the confusion. Chad Sisneros/HSUS

  • Some people made the difficult decision to relinquish their pets permanently to give them the best chances for new lives. Chad Sisneros/HSUS

  • The Animal Rescue Team provides walks, TLC, and a lift to new territory. Chad Sisneros/HSUS

  • The HSUS has agreements with shelters and rescue groups that can help place animals in good homes. Chad Sisneros/HSUS

  • Animals displaced by the recent tornadoes and flooding are receiving help. Chad Sisneros/HSUS

  • Even when they don't understand what's happening, the dogs trust us to have their best interests at heart. Chad Sisneros/HSUS

  • This tiny creature will surely not have difficulty finding a new family. Chad Sisneros/HSUS

  • We treat the rescued dogs the way we would treat our own beloved pets. Pierre Grzybowski/HSUS

  • The future for these dogs begins now. Thanks to the Animal Rescue Team, it looks bright. Chad Sisneros/HSUS

These young dogs were rescued from Natchez, Mississippi, after historic floods sent residents fleeing to dry ground.

With their lives in upheaval, many owners gave up their pets for adoption. The HSUS carefully transported these puppies north to Maryland to find them good homes.

See a video of their arrival in Maryland.

Can you help the Animal Rescue Team keep coming through for animals when disasters strike? Please give now.

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