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Spay Day 2011: Getting Creative

We share some of our favorite Spay Day celebration stories

  • Mark Byrd wrote, "Thank you for taking such good care of Shadow; I’m on disability, and this was the only way I could get him fixed." KENTUCKY Fix Foundation

  • Angel Greco called SpayNJ for help trapping and finding homes for the cats who lived in a junkyard near her house. An HSUS grant helped pay to have many of them neutered and vaccinated. SpayNJ

  • Bella (nuzzling one of her puppies) was rescued in Butte, Montana. After being spayed and cared for by shelter workers, she "blossomed into a beautiful, trusting, loving dog." Judy Kruzich/Butte Spay & Neuter Group

Every year Spay Day encourages people worldwide to help animals by spaying or neutering their pets. Through a series of local and national events held during the month of February, communities collaborate to offer low-cost surgeries, education on pet overpopulation, and other services.

As reports from Spay Day 2011 continue to trickle in, they remind us there’s no end to the ways people will help animals. So far, we’ve learned that about nearly 700 Spay Day events were held, helping to spay or neuter 48,670 dogs and cats.

This year’s Spay Day events were as different as the people who held them. From a motorcycle club to a veterinary clinic, every group found its own way to help people and the animals they love.

Spay Day 2011 Snapshot:
» Spay/Neuters: 48,670
» States: 50
» Countries: 46

Here are a few of our favorite reports:

Bikers in St. Thomas

In St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, the SNIP (Spay/Neuter Island Pets) program was hosted by 20 members of the Carib Riders Motorcycle Club. The club held a beach jam (raffles, food and drinks for sale, and live music). Half of the proceeds ($1,394) went to local veterinarians to pay for spay/neuter surgeries, and the other half ($1,394) was donated to the Humane Society of St. Thomas to fund cruelty investigations.

“We are very excited to be able to use our resources to give back to the community,”  said John Galeana, head of the Carib Riders ("affectionately known to everyone as Biker John").

Hockey players in Syracuse

In Syracuse, N.Y., one event wasn’t enough. College volleyball teams and organizations hosted the annual “Players for Pets” charity volleyball tournament. Then the Syracuse Crunch hockey team took part in a celebrity bartending event and auction to benefit the Spay Neuter program of the Central New York Cat Coalition. Because, as that organization puts it, “the need for spay/neuter doesn’t end after Spay Day.” The team helped out with a second bartending event on April 6. Finally, employees of Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists staged a Wear Jeans to Work Day fundraiser for the cat coalition.

» Start planning your own event for Spay Day 2012

Schools in Ghana

In Ghana, The Ghana Society for the Protection and Care of Animals used Spay Day to kick off a public education program on basic animal welfare and care. The society “educated about 800 School Children in the various benefits of Spay/Neuter. How it will benefit [the society], their pets and their communities as a whole. They were also briefed on some animal diseases and its prevention.”

NeuterPAlooza in Bloomington

In Indiana, The mayor of Bloomington proclaimed February “Spay/Neuter Bloomington Month.” Pets Alive Nonprofit Spay/Neuter & Vaccination Clinic held a “NeuterPAlooza! 2011” $2 neuter event through the month of February. It was so popular that it spilled over into March. When it was over, Pets Alive had spayed or neutered 545 cats from 34 counties.

Cookie and Cracker

Some of the animals who took part in Spay Day were a little different, too. We met two of them in a thank-you sent to Aileen Gabbey, executive director of the Maryland SPCA:

One day, summer 2010, someone had left these two kittens on my porch….They seemed to be identical, but definitely sisters, born missing a rear leg apiece.

Immediately, I and my extended family felt very kindly to these orphan kittens. I love the kittens, Cookie & Cracker, and I want both girls spayed.

There is an expense to care and feed these dear kittens, and the donation of the spaying is a blessing. I am grateful for your charity.

Sincerely, Victor Muhammad

Surprise us in 2012

We know that Spay Day highlights the lifesaving importance of spay/neuter, and we know that it helps pets, strays, and the people who care about them. The only thing we don’t know is what the groups who take part in Spay Day will come up with next year. Plan a Spay Day 2012 event, and surprise us—we can’t wait!

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