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Video: 72,000 Ladybugs Keep Sanctuary Animals, Trees Safe

The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center puts ladybugs to work to keep lerps, yellowjackets in check

The Humane Society of the United States / The Fund for Animals

The animals at the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center are shaded from the California sun by mature Eucalyptus trees. Recently the trees came down with the lerps, or Redgum lerp pysyllids, a nonnative invasive species. Not only do the lerps kill the trees, they attract yellow jackets.

"Yellow jackets and sanctuary animals aren't a good mix," said Ali Crumpacker, director of center.

To keep the trees and prevent the attraction of wasps, Crumpacker brought in a legion of ladybugs to deal with the problem without use of pesticides. Catch their release in the video below, and then check out similar humane solutions for your own backyard in the resources.