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Man Meets Cat, Cat Steals Heart

Volunteering pays off for Big Roy and Little Roy

  • Big Roy said, "When I first opened his cage door, he jumped out onto my chest and held on to me as he began to purr." Nancy Peterson/The HSUS

  • "I am the luckiest man in the world to have him to share my life with." Roy Ware

  • "Back [at] the wildlife center that I volunteer at, I was presented a basket full of goodies just for him. What a great surprise." Roy Ware

  • "I have never seen a more affectionate cat, only wanting to be held and petted." Nancy Peterson/The HSUS

  • The adoption event was a smashing success, but Big Roy still "think[s] daily of those cats who have yet to be adopted." Roy Ware

  • "I thank [everyone] so much for caring for him when I wasn't there, and for caring for all these poor cats who had been so horribly mistreated." Roy Ware

  • Some cats still wait for that special someone. Big Roy said, "The summer is not over until the last cat has found its forever home." Julie Busch Branaman

by Catherine Hess

Volunteering to aid animals in emergencies is a great way to help save lives. It can also connect the volunteer with a special animal who makes a difference in return.

This summer, a massive raid on an animal hoarder in Florida saved 697 cats from serious neglect. Endless veterinary treatments, months of planning, and many volunteer hours later, an equally huge adoption event in Gainesville found homes for 258 of these cats.

One volunteer who contributed both heavy lifting and tender care throughout was Roy Ware of Miami. Beyond the good karma his volunteer work earned him, he made an extraordinary friend.

He said of one small orange tabby, "Out of 697 cats, he somehow touched my heart. When time permitted, I would go and sit on the floor in front of his cage and hold him." The other volunteers soon started calling the cat Little Roy.

Big Roy tells more about finding Little Roy in the photos above.

How to change the life of a deserving cat

These cats have endured many hardships. Their tales should get the best possible happy ending—the kind only you can provide! Rescue groups or individuals can contact Michelle Cascio by email or at 301-258-1506 to adopt one of these beautiful cats.

The first video below shows a bit of where these cats came from, and what their rescue was like.


The next video shows the adoption event where so many cats found homes.

It's not too late for you to be part of the story: call 301-258-1506 or email Michelle Cascio to see if one or two of these cats might purr their way into your heart.

Catherine Hess is a web editor at The Humane Society of the United States.

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