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From One Dog Lover to Another

On his new CD, actor Robert Davi pays tribute to another tough-guy figure who was soft on animals, Frank Sinatra

  • "Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road to Romance" was released on October 24. © 2011 Robert Davi. All rights reserved.

The legendary Frank Sinatra was known for many things, but who knew he was a dog lover? Robert Davi knew it. In fact dogs and music are two passions these iconic performers share.

The actor and singer is showcasing classic American songs made famous by his idol on a new CD, "Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road to Romance." The tribute to is already gaining rave reviews.

Davi used the occasion of the CD’s release on October 24 to show his support for The Humane Society of the United States. He also dedicated a recent performance in Los Angeles to both animals and The HSUS.

Davi's first love

Davi says doing this album has brought his career full circle, with Sinatra at the center. “My first love was music,” he said, “I was trained in opera, but of course was a huge Sinatra fan. Then I met Frank on the set of my first film back in the late ‘70s. That’s the break that started my acting career.”

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Since then, Davi has gone on to appear in hundreds of films and tv shows, along with making his directorial debut last year. He’s best known for playing a villain and a hard guy, which is ironic because when it comes to animals, he’s a total softy.

Davi's dogs

Davi shares his home with four dogs. His "big girl," a Neopolitan Mastiff named Stella, died last December. Davi says, "She was the most loyal, gentlest creature—I felt at times she was an angel. She would sit by me and constantly put her paw in my lap til I took hers in mine." He added, "Our pets do a tremendous amount for us. Animals help teach us to be more human."

Sinatra: "Heaven is where all the animals go."

Which brings us back to Sinatra and his own connection to animals. Images show Sinatra at home with dogs big and small. In her autobiography, Sinatra's daughter Tina recounts that when she was a little girl, she asked her father where heaven was, and he replied, "Heaven is where all the animals go."

Many years later when Frank Sinatra died and mementos were being placed in his coffin, Tina said, "My contribution was a small dog biscuit, for Dad's love of little critters."

Enjoy the music

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