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Isabelle's Journey from Rags to Wags

Rescued puppy mill dog thrives

  • When we found Isabelle, she was as thin as a rail and nursing eleven puppies. Kathleen Summers/The HSUS

  • Isabelle's new caretaker says, "Her tail never stops wagging—she even wags it in her sleep." Pamela Krausz

When The HSUS found a weak old dog nursing a large litter at a Vermont puppy mill, rescue team workers rushed to help her by removing and hand-feeding some of her puppies.

A mother dog in such a state of deprivation can be unpredictable, but Isabelle touched the volunteers with her gentle nature.

Although staff helped feed and clean her puppies, Isabelle insisted on feeding them what milk she could provide, even though her own body was ravaged.

A great mom finds a great home

One volunteer who worked with Isabelle was Pamela Krausz, executive director of Vermont Companion Animal Neutering. When the courts released Isabelle and dozens of other confiscated dogs for adoption, Pamela decided to make Isabelle a part of her family.

"What continues to amaze me is how resilient dogs are," says Krausz. "Isabelle was emaciated, nursing puppies, and living in horrendous conditions, yet she stayed so sweet and was a great mom."

Isabelle's only problem now is gaining a little too much weight. Otherwise, Krausz says, "she is a funny, happy, loving, incredible dog."

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