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Animal Rescue Team Saves the Day, All Year Long

Rescuing animals from disasters and large-scale cruelty

  • In this rescue, 165 dogs and cats left ghastly neglect behind in favor of food, shelter, and vet care. Kathy Milani/The HSUS

The HSUS worked with law enforcement and local agencies in 2011 to rescue more than 6,000 animals from neglect and cruelty situations, inhumane puppy mill breeding operations, and animal fighting rings.

In one of the largest cat rescues on record, we removed nearly 700 cats from a deplorable hoarding situation in Florida and, working with volunteers from around the country, cared for the animals for five months. We found homes for 258 cats at a single adoption event and eventually found placement for all treatable, adoptable cats.

When natural disasters hit in North Carolina, Vermont, Mississippi, Missouri, Alabama, and North Dakota in 2011, The HSUS worked with other organizations to rescue and care for 2,369 displaced animals.

In our ongoing battle to end the suffering that animals endure in cruel puppy mill breeding operations, The HSUS rescued 1,020 dogs from puppy mills in Vermont, North Carolina, Montana, Tennessee, and Missouri, and responded to animal cruelty complaints at 419 puppy mills in 2011.

The HSUS also continued working to stop animal fighting. In 2011, we helped rescue more than 1,421 animals from animal fighting rings, and new laws cracking down on animal fighting were passed in Hawaii New York, California, and Texas. We launched the Dogfighting Rescue Coalition, which has more than 50 partners nationwide to help find homes for dogs seized from fighting.

The HSUS paid 21 rewards for successful animal fighting cases, totaling 104 rewards paid out since the first was offered in 2007. We held trainings on investigating animal cruelty and animal fighting for nearly 2,000 law enforcement officers. In West Virginia, The HSUS worked with law enforcement agencies on the first case of felony dogfighting ever in that state. In Mississippi, we helped pass a law making animal cruelty a felony, bringing the number of states with felony cruelty laws to 47.

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