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Stallone the Pit Bull: Still in Our Hearts

Years after his death, one dog's amazing spirit continues to inspire you


Stallone had grave injuries from a dogfight, but after we rescued him, all he wanted to do was to snuggle with a friendly human. In spite of how abused he had been, his sweetness and courage inspired us—and apparently is still inspiring everyone else who sees his story.

That video story—first posted in December 2010—still gets about 3,000 views a day on YouTube.

We think it's a testament to Stallone's amazing spirit, one that helps ease the grief over what he suffered.

Here is a sampling of comments from Stallone's YouTube page, along with some tips on how you can help dogs like him.

About Stallone

"I am so sorry, Stallone. Just like you, I don't understand any of it either."

Get the facts about dogfighting

About dogs

"My little pittie and I watched this together...My pittie girl was a breeder and bait dog before she escaped a dog fighting ring. She is covered in scars, and has numerous fears from her abuse. But she got to live, and found a home where she is loved and pampered..."

Adopt your next best friend

"...I have a dog myself and my heart goes out to all of the others out there that are suffering. I'm only 16 and I can't do much about it but I have had my life devoted to ending animal cruelty..."

Resources for students

About dogfighting

"please post this video as much as you can and help stop the maddness of dog fighting !"

Share Stallone's video on Facebook

"...what the hell is wrong with these ....individuals...that they would get off on doing these evil, horrible things to these poor babies??? I'm so angry right now I can't even find the words..."

Fight back in your community with Pets for Life

"...People have to step up and call the cops to put these [****] in jail for the rest of thier lives."

 What to do if you see cruelty to animals

"When I saw the 24, I assumed years...then I read it and only 24 months...that's just a joke. sad...so, so sad..."

About Stallone's rescuers

"Thank God for rescuers and vets that are here to help this wonderful breed that is so misunderstood by many when heartless people harm them...."

The HSUS's Animal Rescue Team at work

About taking action

"... all the the heartless ppl that stood around n watchd as these dogs fought ... It is the ppl that let the color green run through their hearts and bet on these fights!..."

Take action to increase penalties against animal fighting spectators

"...i hope everyone who sees this video will donate either their time or financially to help innocent creature like this..."

Your donation to the Animal Rescue Team helps us save animals

"...i dont have much money but i give some of my time by helping out at my local shelter.every effort..small as it may be..helps."

Learn about volunteering your time to help animals

Finally, one of the YouTube comments captured the bottom line for many pet lovers:

"Rite im going to cuddle my dog now........."

Thank you all for watching and sharing Stallone's story, and for fighting cruelty to animals.