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Buffalo Exchange Helps Save Ocean Animals

Earth Day Dollar Day Sale on April 21 to fund The HSUS and HSI

  • We're fighting to protect seals from slaughter. The HSUS

  • Orcas and other marine mammals are best off in their natural habitats, not in aquariums or marine parks. orcahome.de

  • Polar bears are at risk from both climate change and trophy hunting. iStockphoto

The health of our oceans is vital to the animals who call them home, and to the overall well-being of our planet. To mark Earth Day this year, Buffalo Exchange resale clothing stores are joining with The HSUS and our international arm, Humane Society international, to celebrate the theme, “Save Ocean Animals.”

In recognition of our work to protect polar bears, dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, whales, and other marine life, all proceeds from the sale of items priced at one dollar during Buffalo Exchange’s Dollar Day Sale on Saturday, April 21, will go to The HSUS and HSI. Earth Day benefits at Buffalo Exchange stores have raised over $138,000 for The HSUS since 2006. Buffalo Exchange is a sustainable company that works to protect the environment by reusing and recycling clothing. The family-owned resale clothing business is unique because clothing and accessories are bought, sold and traded locally with store customers.

Our work

From the smallest fish to the largest marine mammals, ocean animals are facing myriad threats—global warming, pollution, overfishing, hunting, and capture of animals for public display and the pet trade.

Captive marine mammals

We protect marine mammals from use for entertainment purposes by opposing capture from the wild and international trade, educating the public on the threats this poses to wild populations and the inhumane conditions the animals endure in captivity, and preventing new facilities from being opened. Learn more »


To help keep dolphins safe, we protest dolphin drive hunts in countries that allow them, work to uphold the U.S. Dolphin Safe tuna label in international courts, and promote responsible ecotourism to encourage conservation of dolphins through economic benefits for local communities. Learn more »


The HSUS and HSI work to protect fish and the animals who rely on them by advocating for bans on destructive, unsustainable and inhumane fishing practices. With experts estimating that more than 80 percent of fish species are now overexploited for human consumption. The rush to catch more fish threatens whole ecosystems and impacts the prey base of ocean predators.  Modern methods of fishing also entangle and kill marine mammals, with an estimated half a million whales, dolphins and seals killed each year in the world's oceans.  Thousands perish each year just in US fisheries. Learn more »

Polar bears

To save polar bears, we combat factors that contribute to the climate change endangering their icy habitat and campaign to stop trophy hunting, another significant threat to the survival of this species. Learn more » 


The HSUS and HSI have been fighting for more than a decade to end the cruel commercial slaughter of baby harp seals in Canada, thousands of whom are clubbed or shot each year for their fur before they’re old enough even to have taken their first swim or eaten their first solid meal. In in the U.S., we’re also defending sea lions and critically endangered Hawaiian monk seals who have been intentionally killed, wrongly accused of competing with humans for valuable fish. Internationally, we also campaign  against grey seal slaughter in Nova Scotia and the hunting of Cape Fur seals in Namibia. Learn more »

Sea turtles

Efforts to protect sea turtles include lobbying for stronger laws, working to reduce the  high rate of accidental mortality caused by commercial fishing, promoting responsible ecotourism and educating the public to prevent consumption of sea turtle meat, eggs and shells. Learn more »


In the U.S., The HSUS is working to end shark tournaments. In the U.S. and internationally, The HSUS and HSI are educating consumers about and reducing demand for shark fin soup, and helping to pass legislation to prohibit the sale of shark fins as well as the practice of shark finning – the practice of cutting the fins off a shark and throwing the animal back in the water to die. Learn more »


We are protecting whales by preventing the removal of an international ban on commercial whaling, contesting killing that occurs in spite of the ban, preventing trade in whale meat, limiting the demand for whale meat in countries where it is still consumed, and defending whales from other threats such as sonar. Learn more »

How you can help

Shop: On Saturday, April 21, visit your nearest Buffalo Exchange store. All Earth Day Dollar Day Sale items sold for $1 will benefit The HSUS and HSI.

Share the info: Spread the word about the Dollar Day Sale and encourage your friends and family to shop to help animals.

Learn more: Check out the links above to find out more about ocean animals and what actions you can take to protect them, and get more tips here.

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