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They Are the World: 5 Things You Can Do to Save Animals, the Planet

Earth Day 2012 Hit List

chickens hen


Sunday is Earth Day. Before you panic and are all, "Great. What do you get for the planet that has EVERYTHING?", take a deep (hopefully clean-air-filled) breath. We've assembled our top picks for how to show the planet some love (hint: Basically just hug an animal).


Factory farms, where millions of animals are confined in dismal conditions, are huge culprits in climate change. Creating (literally) tons of manure that pollutes the soil, air, and water, these mega-farms also waste grain, water, fuel, and other resources. Learn about easy tweaks you can make to your diet to clear the air and help the animals»


You may know by now that frogs are in trouble. Up to 200 amphibian species—many of them frogs—have become extinct in the last 30 years. And because frogs are considered indicators of ecosystem health, trouble with frogs means trouble in other parts of the planet, too. Pledge to be a frog's BFF—or just build a frog pond»


When beavers dammed a stream and flooded a road at Camp Selah Ministries Youth Camp in Sutherlin, Va., the camp's directors called in a humane willdife service to outsmart the beavers—using a solution that would keep both beavers and people happy. See if there are tricks you can play in your 'hood to keep the peace with wild neighbors»


Don't miss the stunning "To The Arctic" from IMAX®. In theatres starting April 20, it's a larger-than-life story of survival and hope. See the trailer; get inspired»


Hit a Buffalo Exchange store in your area on April 21. All Earth Day dollar sale items benefit The HSUS's and HSI's life-saving work for animals. Find a store near you»