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Tricksy Beavers, Foxy Babies: HSUS Wildlife News Bulletin

Animal stuff you want to know, in 200 words or less



Quick! What’s more fun than summer camp? Playing tricks on beavers at summer camp! When beaver dams flooded a road at a Virginia faith-based youth camp, The HSUS’s Humane Wildlife Services worked with the camp to install “beaver deceivers” to keep the road dry and beavers happy. See what wildlife solutions are available near you.

Speaking of solutions, there’s been an encouraging one for harbor porpoises in New England. NOAA Fisheries will close 2,130 square miles of fishing grounds this fall to help prevent unnecessary deaths (some fishing boats haven't been using acoustic “pingers” designed to warn porpoises that they're nearing dangerous fishing nets). Fewer porpoise deaths? Music to our ears.

In less harmonious news: There’s a pretty scary federal bill on the table now that would allow polar bear trophies (from sport hunters) to be imported from Canada and strip the EPA of its ability to protect animals (and us!) against lead poisoning. Speak out against the bill.

While you’re at it, Californians: please carry the torch for bears and bobcats, who need protection from inhumane hounding.

Your reward for all that good animal activism: video of baby foxes and their mom, rescued before development encroached into their woods.

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