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A Month of Rescued Animals

Our Animal Rescue Team's recent cases

  • The Animal Rescue Team joined in raids on two suspected dogfighters in Michigan (see video), helping authorities seize 46 dogs. Kathy Milani/The HSUS

  • We provided tons of hay and other relief for more than 300 horses and other animals after wildfires in Western states (see a slideshow). August Miller/For The HSUS

  • The team helped the Stone County Sheriff’s Office rescue 74 small-breed dogs (see video) from a squalid puppy mill in Wiggins, Miss. Chuck Cook/For The HSUS

  • We helped law enforcement raid a suspected cockfighting operation in Pennsylvania. Authorities seized 92 game birds like the one above. iStockphoto

  • We helped rescue 298 dogs in Texas. More than 130 dogs went back to their previous owners, and criminal charges are pending. Scott Dalton/For The HSUS

  • Our staff responded to 560 cruelty, animal fighting, and puppy mill complaints. Jane Doe/iStockphoto

  • In the eighth rescue in North Carolina in about a year, we helped officials rescue more than 140 dogs from a grim puppy mill. Kim Alboum/The HSUS

  • We cut a check for our 114th reward for tips leading to conviction of animal fightiers. We offered rewards in 6 new cruelty cases. Jane Doe/iStockphoto

  • We continued care and rehabilitation for 434 rescued animals. Kathy Milani/The HSUS

In just the last month, our resourceful and caring Animal Rescue Team worked with law enforcement to help rescue 378 animals from cruelty, fighting, and puppy mills.

We act to help animal victims of various kinds of abuse and natural disasters, all around the country.

Details, video, and slideshows of recent rescues

More Animal Rescue Team highlights

  • Responding to 184 calls on our animal fighting tip line. We turned 166 complaints over to law enforcement, and opened files on 18 as potential targets.
  • Working with the public and law enforcement on 194 puppy mill reports and 182 cruelty complaints
  • Noting the conviction of puppy mill operators in North Carolina as a result of an earlier HSUS investigation and raid (see video)
  • Helping El Dorado County Animal Control identify cockfighting evidence seized during an earlier cockfighting raid (see video) near Placerville, Calif., and helping to arrange for some of the surrendered birds to be taken to sanctuaries
  • Assisting Holmes County Sheriff's Office with the rescue of 4 horses, 1 mini horse, and a mule from poor conditions in Florida, and arranging assistance with evidence collection, rescue, and transport of the animals. The owner was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.

Making it possible

These accomplishments are only possible because of your generous support of our Animal Rescue Team. Your donation will go to work to help more animals like these.

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