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Teddy Bear the Horse Now Cozy at Duchess Sanctuary

A young Percheron horse, once outcast, finds refuge

  • Upon arrival at Duchess Sanctuary, Teddy Bear started packing some pounds onto his scraggly frame. Jennifer Kunz/The HSUS

  • Teddy Bear's dark yearling coat will grow in as the delicate dappled grey that Percherons are known for. Jennifer Kunz/The HSUS

Teddy Bear, a young Percheron colt, was having a tough time.

The yearling was living in an unsheltered pasture along the Oregon/California border with a herd filled with older, stronger—and much more dominant—stallions, who had chased Teddy out of the herd.

Teddy's mother tried to protect him for a while, but gave up as her next pregnancy advanced.

Standing alone at the far end of the vast pasture without food or shelter, Teddy was wasting away. With winter snows growing heavier, Teddy was in dire straits.

Helping Teddy

Fortunately, Equamore Foundation volunteer Anna Clay was watching. She worked with the horses' owner to rehome many of the horses from the substandard pasture, including Teddy's mother and his older sister, who found separate homes in northern Oregon.

But Teddy had no takers. With winter temperatures plummeting and Teddy Bear's mother nearing her foaling date, Clay turned to Duchess for help.

On a brisk January morning, Teddy, his mother, and his sister boarded a trailer bound for northern Oregon. That evening, Teddy stepped off the trailer onto Duchess' grounds, while his mother and sister continued their journeys northward.

Teddy gets ready

Now at Duchess, Teddy is preparing for a new home with help from Duchess' staff and volunteers. Having never been handled, he's getting used to being groomed, wearing a halter, and accepting the friendship of people.

"He's been very calm and accepting about it," says Duchess' ranch manager Jennifer Kunz. "Percherons normally have quite docile temperaments, so he's pretty mellow."

Teddy is even discovering the joys of new food. "He only wanted to eat hay for the first few days he was here," says Kunz. "But with the help of our volunteers, we finally found a magic combination of alfalfa cubes and other goodies that he loves, so he nickers when he sees the bucket now."

Your donation helps Duchess Sanctuary rescue horses like Teddy. Please give today.

Once he's vetted, gelded, and comfortable with the basics, Teddy will be ready for adoption. With his gentle nature and strengthening physique, he should find his perfect match in no time. 

Keep up with all the news on Teddy and the rest of the herd on our Facebook page.

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