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HSUS Volunteers Go Above and Beyond to Help Animals

Meet some of our top volunteers and learn how you can get involved

Volunteer Lee L. gives a cat some affection at a temporary Hurricane Sandy-relief shelter in N.J. Lisa J. Godfrey / For The HSUS

Our volunteers are the core of our mission to celebrate animals and confront cruelty, and for National Volunteer Week, we’d like to send a big “thank you” to every person who volunteers to help animals. At The HSUS, more than 1,800 volunteers performed almost 110,000 hours of service in 2012!

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Meet three HSUS volunteers

Rob R. has been with The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center for 18 years, coming every Saturday rain or shine. Besides doing the morning chores, he works on a lot of projects around the facility. Aside from his duties with us, he travels to Africa every year and helps do research with wildlife. He is dedicated to helping the animals any way he can.

Vermont resident Bonnie G. has been volunteering for The HSUS's Northeast Regional Office for more than a year. "There isn't any project that Bonnie can't tackle," said regional director Joanne Bourbeau, who first met Bonnie at a local grassroots meeting held by The HSUS. "Whether she's helping to organize Vermont Humane Lobby Day, meeting with her own lawmakers about pending animal welfare legislation, organizing public information seminars on issues like humane wildlife conflict resolutions, or deploying to help in natural disasters, she is an amazing ambassador for the animals and for our organization."

  • Pets for Life volunteer Jo Jo P. helps people and pets in Atlanta.

Jo Jo P. might be the original Pets for Life (PFL) volunteer. Jo Jo embodies the PFL approach to non-judgment and kindness to all people and pets, and we learn from her every day. There is no task Jo Jo does not take on and complete with a smile and a great attitude. We are also proud to announce that Jo Jo, in spite of a very full schedule, has agreed to serve as our very first Volunteer Leader in Atlanta. We are so thrilled to have her help us bring new volunteers into the program. She has already suggested a volunteer “buddy” system for new volunteers which we can't wait to roll out this spring!

How volunteers are making a difference across The HSUS

Volunteers are involved in every facet of our work. Here's what just a few of our programs had to say about what volunteers mean to them:

South Florida Wildlife Center: "The impact volunteers have on the SFWC is unmatched! The countless hours of service, their dedication, their heart, their hard work, their generosity, and their drive are just a few things they give back to the SFWC and to the wildlife—without them we couldn’t provide service to these patients. Not only do they help on property, but they reach out into the community and are helping to make the South Florida Wildlife Center a household name."

Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust: "Our volunteers are very dedicated in monitoring our sanctuaries. Some have been volunteering with us for over 10 years. They are our eyes and ears on the ground making sure that the terms of our conservation easements are being met, making sure no one is using our properties for hunting or trapping, and making sure no one is using our properties to dump garbage. They enjoy the chance to walk our properties, which are not open to the public. Our 58 active volunteers monitor 4,989 sanctuary acres for us every year."

Animal Rescue Team: "With a total of only four paid field responders, our Animal Rescue Volunteers are the backbone of the Animal Rescue Team. From animal control officers assisting with seizure and evidence collection, to veterinarians helping with on-scene medical triage and initial medical exams, to sheltering volunteers providing daily animal care and shelter labor assistance, our volunteers make it possible for The HSUS to respond to the needs of thousands of animals in emergency situations each year. We simply would not be able to do what we do without their support!"

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