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Help Birds Fly Again: Fund a Feather

Critical need for new aviary to rehabilitate wildlife--donate to make a lasting impact

  • Make a donation towards the construction of the new aviary, and your generous support will be inscribed on a bird-shaped plaque. Click here for full-sized image. The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

  • The proposed floorplan for the planned aviary. Click for full-sized image. The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

  • Up to 17 species, including hawks, will be able to be cared for simultaneously in the new aviary. Kathy Milani/The HSUS

An urgent need for funds to support the construction of a new aviary at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in Ramona, Calif., has arisen in recent weeks. Already in need of updates—the current aviary is 20 years old—the aviary's roof was damaged and the structure compromised when a Eucalyptus tree fell on it in August, 2013.

In addition, the Center's intake of birds of prey has grown by twenty-percent in the past two years, making a new, larger aviary even more critical to the Center's ability to help wildlife. As a result, The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center has embarked upon a $100,000 capital campaign to fund the construction of a brand new, state-of-the-art aviary that would double the Center's capacity to care for birds of prey.

Become a sponsor of the new aviary»

The existing aviary has supported the rehabilitation of more than 5,000 birds in 20 years. But, sponsors of a new aviary are necessary to ensuring that the increasing number of birds of prey in need get the care they deserve. The planned aviary would allow the Center to host up to 17 species and 50 patients at a time. We can only make this happen with your help. By making a donation to this capital campaign, you will have a direct impact on thousands of animals for years to come.

Construction of the aviary needs to be completed before the busy spring season in 2014, but only if we achieve our goal of $100,000 to fund its construction. Please consider donating to make this possible. All donors to the campaign will be recognized on a plaque at the entrance to the aviary (see images above).

The feathers of the eagle on the plaque (see image above) will contain inscriptions, recognizing significant donors to the campaign at the following levels:

  • $5,000 - six opportunities
  • $2,500 - six opportunities
  • $1,000 - 16 opportunities
  • $500 - 24 opportunities

The names of all other donors to the campaign will be listed on the plaque.

Click here to make a donation to help fund the construction of the new aviary. Or, to learn more about this project, please contact The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center Director Ali Crumpacker at acrumpacker@humanesociety.org, or, you can donate online here.

The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center is located in Ramona, Calif., and focuses on the rehabilitation of predator species of wildlife, including bobcats, coyotes, and hawks. Long term residents of the Center include Tonka, a mountain lion rescued from the exotic pet trade, and Awesome, a bobcat who used to spend her days on "exhibit" in a shopping mall. More than 500 animals receive life-saving rehabilitative care at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center each year.

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