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Tragic End Averted

Captive hunting industry could have spelled their end, but they're safe at our Ranch instead

An Oryx and Fallow deer arrive at their new home, Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch.

Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, the nation's largest and most diverse animal sanctuary, recently added two new residents. The two animals, a Scimitar-horned Oryx—a subspecies of antelope that was extinct in the wild before a breeding program allowed reintroduction—and a Fallow deer, were household pets until their owners fell on difficult economic times.

Bottled raised by humans as infants, the Oryx and Fallow deer lived with their human family for eight years before arriving at the Ranch. Now, following a 30-day quarantine period, which allows them time to adjust to their new environment and to be closely monitored for health issues, they will join the Ranch's antelope and deer herd in a 35-acre, secure pasture. Typically, these species view humans as predators, and in time it's expected that the two animals will revert back to their wild instincts and assimilate well into the herd.

The arrival of the Oryx and Fallow deer at the Ranch ensures their safe future. The same can not be said for many other animals who have outstayed their welcome in circuses, zoos, or as privately-owned pets. Many of these animals, often exotic and endangered, end up as the subjects of captive hunts.

What exactly is a captive hunt? Find out»

In captive, or canned, hunts, individuals pay money for the opportunity to"hunt" an animal that has no opportunity to escape. Since many of these animals have been raised by humans, they are even more willing subjects, which leads to their quick demise. The Humane Society of the United States estimates that 500 captive hunt operations exist just in the state of Texas.

The Oryx and Deer's previous owner said he was offered $15,000 in exchange for the opportunity to hunt the Oryx. Fortunately, Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch was contacted to provide sanctuary instead.

Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch is operated by The Fund for Animals, an affiliate of The Humane Society of the United States. For more information about the Ranch, please email blackbeautyinfo@fundforanimals.org.

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