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Two Bobcat Friends for Lil Boy

Pair of bobcats from The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center find new home at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

  • Ramon and Cinammon quickly made themselves comfortable in their new home on the Ranch. Katherine Birk/CABBR

  • Ramon and his brother Raul were imprinted with humans even at just 3 weeks of age. The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

  • Ramon explores his new home at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch. Katherine Birk/CABBR

  • Cinammon quickly adjusts to her new surroundings and curls up for a nap. Katherine Birk/CABBR

  • Resident bobcat 'Lil Boy welcomes new bobcat Cinnamon to the Ranch. Katherine Birk/CABBR

Both Cinnamon and Ramon were wild-born. However, neither of them spent more than a couple of days living in their natural environment. They have spent a majority of their 15 years living in sanctuary at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in Ramona, Calif.

Cinammon was found as a single orphan and taken to a wildlife center in northern California where she was bottle-raised alone by humans, with no interaction with other bobcats. Ramon and his brother were found in a box, abandoned at a veterinary clinic for domestic animals. They spent three weeks being hand-fed by humans at the clinic before being transferred to The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center. Unfortunately, despite thier caretakers best intentions, neither Cinammon nor Ramon ended up being good candidates for release.

Both were imprinted on humans, which means that, although they showed wild behaviors, their comfort around humans would make them bold, and therefore dangerous, in the wild. As a result, both have enjoyed the last 15 years living in peace at our Center in California. They have, at various points, lived with several other bobcats, but have most recently spent time living exclusively paired together. Another one of our care centers, Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Tex., recently experienced the passing of one of its two resident bobcats, which left the remaining bobcat, Lil Boy, alone and in need of non-human company.

The perfect combination
Lil Boy has lived at the Ranch in Texas since 2002, and always surrounded by other bobcats. After Bob passed away recently at more than 20 years of age—a long life for a bobcat!—it was apparent that Lil Boy needed some friends. Ramon and Cinnamon were the perfect candidates. Both are accustomed to living with multiple other bobcats, and neither has been known to initiate aggressive behaviors toward other cats. With the three of the—Ramon, Cinnamon, and Lil Boy—being of approximately the same age, the decision was made to transfer Ramon and Cinnamon from California to Texas.

Finally home
Upon arrival, Ramon and Cinnamon were kept apart from Lil Boy to allow them to adjust to their new surroundings. Since then, the three bobcats have been introduced and are learning to live together. Overall, the move gave each of them an enhanced quality of life, and it allowed for The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center to repurpose the bobcats' previous habitat for future wildlife patients in need of rehabilitation.

Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch and The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center are operated by The Fund for Animals, an affiliate of The Humane Society of the United States.

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