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Five Cows Find Sanctuary at the Ranch

Confiscated from their owner, five neglected cows arrive at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

  • The five girls enjoy an abundance of hay and company while roaming the vast acreage of the Ranch. Noelle Almrud/CABBR

  • Katie and Vegan, two of the cows, take a brief pause from grazing. JP Bonnelly

  • The cows quickly found their favorite spot for grazing near one of the ponds at the sanctuary. JP Bonnelly

Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, operated by The Fund for Animals in partnership with The Humane Society of the United States, recently welcomed five cows to its animal sanctuary in Murchison, Tex. There they will be expertly cared for by staff and volunteers who will cater to their every need.

Toward the end of 2013, these five female cows were confiscated from their owner by the local animal control and law enforcement agency in their hometown of Palm Beach County, Florida. They were originally purchased so that their owner could qualify for an agriculture tax subsidy, but he had since left them to their own devices without adequate food or shelter.

After arriving at the Ranch in December, 2013, the five malnourished cows—named Kelcey, Chetana, Kris, Kate, and Vegan—remained in quarantine for some time while they were medically evaluated, vaccinated, and given the proper care and attention necessary to help them safely gain weight. Having successfully completed the quarantine process, they now roam 1,300 acres of open pasture with more than 40 other cows rescued from equally-uncertain futures.

Logan is just one of those cows who also calls the Ranch home. He was orphaned after his mother died of an untreated medical condition. Still a small calf at the time, he was taken in as a family pet and hand-raised outside of the company of other cows. However, he quickly grew to weigh 500 lbs. and was no longer welcome in the home. Were it not for the concerned citizens who knew his story and contacted Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, Logan would have met the same fate as so many others—slaughter.

Of the five newest arrivals at the Ranch, Director Ben Callison says, "All owned animals deserve care and respect, regardless of their perceived purpose. This cruelty case illustrates the disregard some have toward these magnificent creatures, and we are excited to have them live out their lives here with the dignity, respect, and care they deserve.

For more information about the Ranch, please email blackbeautyinfo@fundforanimals.org.

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