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Cat's Eye View

Purrcy the cat tells the tale of her rescue and adoption

As told to Ruthanne Johnson | Photos by Chris Keane/AP Images for The HSUS

I'm a natural at playing with toys and climbing cat trees, but my life wasn't always so great.

Hi, I'm Purrcy. Not too long ago, I was rescued from a puppy mill. Which may seem weird, since I’m a cat, but there I was, living in a tiny room with five other cats.

We had no toys. No soft bedding to lie on. No windows or natural light—and no litter box. You can imagine how disgusting that room was and how impossible it was to stay clean. My eyes and ears hurt, and we all struggled to breathe.

  • Can you believe I used to live in a puppy mill? That's me, stuck inside a filthy room.

But everything changed the day local authorities and folks from The HSUS and their emergency placement partners came to save us—nearly 60 animals in all. Outside, the fresh air was amazing!

My next stop was the heated "cabin" inside the Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society’s rescue vehicle. I stayed at their shelter for about a month, recovering from eye, ear and upper respiratory infections. They gave me medicine, a bath, space to chill and cuddles when I needed a friend. Oh, and a litter box! They also introduced me to my new mom, Bobbi Dreissen.

Lots of people applied to adopt me. But Mom won the lottery they held to make it fair. Cool beans, because she’s the best cat mom ever! On the drive home, I flopped onto my back and batted at her fingers.

  • Now I can run all over the place and get snuggles whenever I want. I'm a lucky gal.

I love my new house and how light and airy it is. I’ve got beds in every room, toys to play with, cat trees to climb and a screened-in porch to watch birds. Mom said the first time I went out there my head went up and down like one of those bobbleheads.

I’m having the time of my life now. It’s fun darting from underneath the bedcovers when Mom walks by or zooming off to stir up a game of chase. I like Mom’s other cats (and even the dog). But at night, I admit I sometimes knock over the framed photos of her other pets. I mean, who wants to look at glamour shots of someone who’s not me?

Want to help more animals like me? Text HUMANE to 20222 to give $10 (message and data rates may apply), or make a lifesaving donation here.

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