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Connecticut Students Given Right to Opt Out of Animal Dissections

An official ceremonial signing was held by Gov. Dannel Malloy for the passage of "An Act Concerning Dissection Choice," a new law requiring schools to excuse any student from participating or observing the dissection of any animal as part of classroom instruction.

The ceremony was attended by PA13-273-HB 6329 sponsors Danté Bartolomeo, D-District S13, and Rep. Diana Urban, D-District 043, Annie Hornish, Connecticut state director for The Humane Society of the United States, representatives from other animal welfare organizations and two students who worked closely on the legislation.

Every year, millions of animals—including cats, pigs, turtles and frogs—are dissected in primary schools, middle schools, and high schools and then discarded, many after suffering and dying for nothing more than to satisfy the demand for biological “specimens.”

However, more students are choosing to learn anatomy and physiology using humane alternatives such as computer-based programs, 3-D models and videos. These alternatives are also less expensive to use.