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Migratory Birds Get Back on Track

South Florida Wildlife Center

  • Dr. Renata Schneider (left), the SFWC's Director of Wildlife Rehabililtation attends Migration Celebration Day with Green Cay Nature Center volunteer Jerry Finkel and SFWC Executive Director Sherry Schlueter. Jackie Slatkow

The South Florida Wildlife Center celebrated the release of three migratory birds who were rescued and rehabilitated after suffering injuries from flying into windows.

About 75 spectators were on hand at the Green Cay Nature Center’s Annual Migration Celebration to witness the fresh start for a Bobolink, a Black Throated Blue Warbler and an Ovenbird (a type of warbler). All were recently rescued and rehabilitated with the help of veterinarian Dr. Renata Schneider at the Center’s facility in Fort Lauderdale, which is the nation’s largest wildlife trauma center in terms of numbers of animals treated.

According to SFWC executive director Sherry Schlueter, millions of migratory birds travel through South Florida this year to escape colder climates, but many become disoriented, exhausted, starved and dehydrated due to feeding ground loss and weather-altered landmarks and coastlines. During migration season, dozens of SFWC volunteers, staff, three full-time veterinarians and licensed rehabilitators work tirelessly to treat thousands of birds in addition to the South Florida native resident wildlife, who also rely on SFWC to survive.

For more information about SFWC, visit southfloridawildlifecenter.org.

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