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MILLY and Friends of Finn Promote Puppy Mill Awareness

Friends of Finn announced a special collaboration with The Humane Society of the United States to promote puppy mill awareness with a new line of t-shirts, exclusively available at the MILLY NYC Boutique at 900 Madison Avenue in New York and MILLYNY.com. The t-shirts, designed by Friends of Finn founder Amanda Hearst in collaboration with Michelle Smith, debuted Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Each t-shirt features pet –related hashtags and the names of the three Friends of Finn members’ pets. MILLY, an advanced contemporary fashion brand, is a proud supporter of The HSUS’ and Friends of Finn’s efforts to end puppy mills.

Friends of Finn was founded by Amanda Hearst and was named for her dog Finn, a pet store dog who turned out to be from a puppy mill. In an effort to prevent more victims like Finn, Friends of Finn raises support for HSUS’ ongoing public education, awareness and information program on why, how and where to get non-puppy mill dogs. 

The t-shirts can be found online through MILLYNY.com.