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Columbia Animal Rescue Organization Receives Lowell Fund Grant

A new training program for large and/or older dogs with behavioral issues will soon be available from Second Chance. The Columbia, Mo.-based animal rescue organization received the grant from The Humane Society of the United States through the Lowell Fund totaling $8,320 to create trainings to help make the dogs more adoptable and increase the organization’s ability to save more lives.

Three categories of dogs are eligible for the training: dogs at Second Chance’s adoption program, dogs at other shelters who could be relocated to Second Chance and owned dogs at risk of being relinquished to the adoption program.

The Lowell Fund provides grants for organizations that help large mixed-breed, pit-bull type and large senior dogs who have been abandoned, injured, mistreated, neglected, exploited or are otherwise in need. The HSUS has made grants of $410,000 to 47 rescue groups through the Lowell Fund since 2013.