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Chicago Cracks Down on Puppy Mills

City Council applauded for steps to increase adoptions of homeless animals

The Chicago City Council passed an ordinance to restrict the retail sale of dogs obtained from large-scale commercial breeders. Melanie Kahn, senior director of The Humane Society of the United States’ Stop Puppy Mills Campaign, issued the following statement:

“Today the city of Chicago is taking a step forward for the humane economy and a stand against pet overpopulation and puppy mills. This rule will help end the euthanasia of thousands of dogs and cats every year in Chicago. Eliminating the sale of puppy mill dogs in Chicago will help drive the market toward adoptions of homeless animals from shelters and rescue groups, and increased sales for small, responsible dog breeders who meet standards of animal care.”

Media Contact: Cheylin Parker; 301-258-1505, cparker@humanesociety.org

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